Welcome to the virtual launch event of Zero Emission Marine programme and ecosystem!

Thursday, April 7th 2022, at 13.00–16.00 EEST​
Online webinar, you will get a link when registered

Zero Emission Marine is a research, development and innovation project co-funded by Business Finland through the challenge competition for leading companies and by Wärtsilä. The project enables a zero-emission marine ecosystem for the development of sustainable technology solutions. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the marine sector by 60% by 2030 through unique maritime co-operation and all products from the ecosystem will be carbon-neutral or carbon-negative by 2050.

The launch event provides a comprehensive outlook to the Zero Emission Marine mission, streams and ecosystem co-operation opportunities through presentations and workshops. The project aims to create an ecosystem of over 200 organisations to drive the R&D for sustainable solutions. Register by Tuesday 5th April through the form and come hear what the project is about and how you can participate.


13.00–13.10 Introduction to Zero Emission Marine
                      Hannu Mäntymaa, Vice President Performance Service, Wärtsilä

13.10–13.30 Keynote 
                      Elina Andersson, Secretary General, Finnish Marine Industries

13.30–13.40 Veturi & opportunities for international networking and collaboration
                      Riku Mäkelä, Counsellor, Innovation and Trade Affairs, Embassy of
                      Finland, Singapore
and Esa Lindqvist, Ecosystem lead, Business

13.40–14.20 Introduction to Zero Emission Marine themes by work package leaders

  • Technologies enabling introduction of green fuels: Kaj Portin,Wärtsilä
  • Green fuel production: Kenneth Widell, Wärtsilä
  • Automated and optimized operations: Lauri Kovanen, Wärtsilä
  • Outcome based business model: Juho Nurmi, Wärtsilä
  • Q&A session

14.20–14.35 Experiences from Nokia Veturi programs
                       Jarkko Pellikka, Program Director, Industrial 5G, Nokia

14.35–15.00 Coffee break + networking in breakout rooms

15.00–15.45 Thematical workshop
                      (please choose your preferred workshop theme at registration):

  • Technologies enabling introduction of green fuels: Kaj Portin, Wärtsilä
  • Green fuel production: Kenneth Widell, Wärtsilä
  • Automated and optimized operations: Lauri Kovanen, Wärtsilä
  • Outcome based business model: Juho Nurmi, Wärtsilä

15.45 – 16.00 Wrap-up, Kenneth Widell, Wärtsilä


Technologies enabling introduction of green fuels

This work package focuses on the development of engine technologies for engines running on green fuels as well as energy storage systems

  • Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine
  • Ammonia Internal Combustion Engine
  • Methanol and ethanol ICE concepts
  • Technologies, testing and approving the use of various blends
  • Aftertreatment
  • Energy Storage systems for the Marine and Energy Markets


Green fuel production

In this work package different green fuel solutions related to Power-to-X and Bio-to-X are developed and piloted

  • Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilization Technologies
  • Hydrogen production technologies
  • Ammonia production technologies
  • Hydrogen carriers for storage and logistics
  • Sustainable feedstock alternatives for biofuels
  • Bio & Synthetic Blends for green transition


Automated and optimised operations – increased level of autonomy

This work package drives automated and optimized operations for the vessel and ecosystem, increasing level of autonomy

  • Platform enabling cloud applications
  • Optimization and "autonomous ready" models, APIs for quantifying vessel and ecosystem level energy usage and emissions
  • Integrations and data sources
  • Applications for automated, connected and optimized operations


Outcome based business model – OBBM

In this work package different commercial models related to the roll-out of green technology product portfolio are developed

  • Optimization of engine and vessel efficiency and emission reduction
  • Optimized usage of vessel enabling emission reductions
  • Fuel savings resulting in emission compliance
  • Financing and risk management
  • Extending business models over the whole lifecycle

Here you can see the detailed ZEM roadmap.

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